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TNA Sunday
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Posted by VivaLaFlamme
Jan 13, 2007 23:32:34 GMT -5
Are you stil getting it scott? i dunno if you know but hamus is grounded so
Posted by CRASHER
Jan 13, 2007 23:43:26 GMT -5
At this point, me ordering TNA PPVs is simply a GIVEN :)
Posted by VivaLaFlamme
Jan 13, 2007 23:47:25 GMT -5
kay. well we're playing football so wont be at sun tavern til like 4:30ish hopefulyl cecilias still
there when i get there. Itll end up beingh you me and mike of rtna prol, so i wont eat so i can partially pay for PPV
Posted by CRASHER
Jan 13, 2007 23:55:46 GMT -5
okie dokie
sounds like a plan to me
Posted by VivaLaFlamme
Jan 14, 2007 0:05:52 GMT -5
bojangles might randomly show up too cos he wants to test his potential decks.,
Jan 15, 2007 8:10:02 GMT -5
So how was this PPV? And did Bojangles randomly show?
Posted by CRASHER
Jan 15, 2007 10:35:58 GMT -5
Yes he did
he looks WEIRD without squeaky voice :P

PPV was ok... Dudleys match had an AWFUL ending.... Rhino/AJ was too soon on the card...PCS was fun but Backlund was anti-funny which was amusing... didn't like Angle winning, and as happy as I am to see Christian as Champ again to become Angle's bitch it's not worth it... Angle/Sting would have been a BETTER call....
Posted by bojangles
Jan 15, 2007 12:49:01 GMT -5
Posted by Jayson"Phonics"
Apr 14, 2007 22:49:53 GMT -5
What time is good for the PPV?
Posted by CRASHER
Apr 14, 2007 23:11:27 GMT -5
I guess around six is good since the Penguin/Ottawa game is on as well
Posted by CRASHER
Apr 15, 2007 15:10:04 GMT -5
Can someone please get some paper plates and Diet Coke for the owner ?

Thank ya's !!
Posted by yrallee
Apr 15, 2007 15:37:09 GMT -5
Since I'm heading for drinks anyway, I'll get supplies as well..
Posted by VivaLaFlamme
May 12, 2007 19:48:36 GMT -5
What time are we gathjering TMW? and how many of us are there
Posted by CRASHER
May 12, 2007 20:12:31 GMT -5
depends on when I get home from mother's day brunch, I'd guess anywhere between 5-6pm
May 13, 2007 11:46:49 GMT -5
Mother's Day = No TNA for Hamus :(